Welcome back former members, the thousands of you I have e-mailed and welcome new comers from pornhub and elsewhere.

Soon, for the first time it will be revealed who Tasha of idrinkpiss.com fame really is and you will be able to contact her and even visit her at home if you like. Please be polite and thank her for the hundreds of erotic piss drinking clips she made for you over many years. If you visit her at home she may invite you in especially if you are a former member. I should know who she is, I am her ex husband she made the clips with. We have been divorced for over 2 yrs and she is looking for a new mate! So good luck boys, she deserves the best!

Without further adieu,

name, address, phone number, work numbers

I will be sending this info to her dad Jim, her sister Eunice, her brother Mark, her friends Bill and Billie, Justine, work etc

I will be telling all her friends I have contact info for, mailing her work colleagues, her neighbors to let them know who Tasha really is. I will also be promoting idrinkpiss.com aggressively on porn sites to attract new visitors to read this message and try to contact Sheri at home and at work to let her know what a star she is.

Hopefully Sheri won’t lose her job, her family, her friends, have to move, change her number and more. If I post this on a revenge porn site I will never be able to edit or remove it.

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